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Blog I: What is an interior designer?

In Hong Kong, when people mention decoration, they immediately think of looking for a contractor (Si Fu) who is good at decoration. It is a matter of course because this is the client's primary requirement. Therefore, the contractor (Si Fu) plays a significant role in the whole project construction.

However, many people will ignore the importance of the preliminary design plan in the whole project. An interior designer is an important person at this stage. Most interior designers can be divided into the following three categories:

Project Designer: Responsible for the budget estimation, timeline setting, space planning, and supervision of the progress of the entire project. Hence, the project designers must have relevant drawing ability and construction knowledge. They can communicate with the contractor (Si Fu) and explain every project detail to the customers.

FF&E Designer: In line with the overall design style of the project, provide professional advice on furniture, lighting, materials, etc. And they are masters of material use. They have a good sense of the decoration setup so that the look and feel of the space are more prominent.

Kitchen & Bath Designer: Kitchen and toilet design requires specific professional knowledge and experience, mainly related to E&M construction. In addition, the accessories and usage in the cabinet are different from ordinary furniture. They also provide professional advice to clients, which can improve the practicality of the space.

The above are only three types of interior designers. There are still different categories in the interior industry, which cannot be listed in detail here. In conclusion, interior designers have professional knowledge and combine it with aesthetics to design the dream place for the customers.

At the beginning of the project, many clients have some concepts and favorite architectural styles but don't know how to apply them to their spaces. However, an interior designer can help clients to do it. Analyzing the various circumstances, proposing different plans, and making sure the project can be more effective. Designers cannot only adopt their solutions all the time. They need to discuss with customers to have an agreement. In my experience, some customers tend to be more inclined to their ideas. Currently, our work needs to explain the advantages and disadvantages to the client. We also will provide some solutions to execute it effectively. Let the clients make the final decision. Because customers are the end-users, we must respect their behavior and preferences. That is what I think is the big difference between designers and artists.

In general, residential projects need to take half a year or more time. In other words, clients and interior designers will have a close relationship during this period. Although there must have been some arguments, I liked this relationship because I treated them as my close friends. Sometimes, they will tell me about their other problems, and I give them some suggestions. However some designers have fabulous design sense, but they can't elaborate completely to clients and listen to others. In my opinion, an interior designer must be able to communicate with others authentically.

Finally, I hope all of you can find a good interior designer and contractor (Si Fu) to create your perfect space in the future.

I am Angel, an interior designer. If you want to inquire more design information and service charges, please go to:


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