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Blog II: How to work with interior designers? (I) - Design Stage

Many people may not know how to work with interior designers because they have their characters. Interior designers have the exact procedures to complete the project, not just do something they want. At the same time, some people find it hard to communicate with the contractor (Si Fu) as they are unfamiliar with the design. Nevertheless, every project needs a team. All parties are related. Interior designers must have design talents but good communication skills also. Now, I will use the full-set design service workflow from Burgundy Interiors Limited as an example to tell you how to work with an interior designer.

Step 1: Consultation

After receiving the inquiry, our designer will contact the client to collect more information, such as design style, scopes of work, budget range timeline, etc. As long as the site is available, we prefer a site visit because it is necessary for our design. After that, we will have a preliminary design and schedule the first design meeting with the client to present the mood board. We also will explain the design contract with the client in detail. Moreover, the client cannot take our presentation materials out before starting the design contract. These are all the efforts of the designers. Besides, it is design company assets, too, why we need to protect them sincerely.

Step 2: Design Development

When the first payment is received, the project will officially start. The client and our designer will have a series of design meetings to discuss every corner of the project. We will provide the layout plans, basic 3D models (Sketch Up), budget table, and proposals for the customer at this stage. Clients need to sign the relevant drawings and presentations as confirmation.

Step 3: Materials and furniture selection

The designer will select the surface materials based on the approved layout and design. Meanwhile, we will also choose the furniture, light fittings, sanitary fittings, and hardware to match those materials. If you already have indicated items to use, please tell the designer at the beginning. Sometimes, the designer reminds us that some pieces may influence the overall design. Clients do not need to feel upset because of this. The designers only want to get the balance between aesthetic and practical. As in the previous stage, the client must have the right to make the final decisions.

Step 4: Drawing Period

At this stage, the client can finally rest for a while. Meantime, the designer and the draftsman will fight for the whole set of drawings. It takes time to transfer all the concepts and models on paper because only the tender can tell the contractor what we want. We cannot miss any details, materials, etc., which will change the total construction cost. Many people may think changing the design is just a piece of cake. But it can affect everything, too, and we need to make sure the whole project is safe and looks nice. We hope clients can get that the designer is focusing on the drawings. That is the reason we are not able to contact you in this period frequently. Once the drawing set is okay, we will arrange a meeting with you. According to your comments, we will have the final refinement. Lastly, the clients will sign all drawings for approval.

I can say the design period is almost finished after that step. However, lots of people always worry about the timeline for the project. Many clients only count the time for construction, but they don't know how to spend time on design. We are providing a custom design service, not just a copy. And we need time to prepare the design package for you. Unlike the contractor (Si Fu), they are good at constructing. They like to tell the client the concept on-site and make it through. If you have a tint schedule, of course, this is a good choice. For some people, it is more appropriate to cooperate with designers if they need to consider more what they want. Like buying clothes, you can easily buy some ready-made clothes in a shop. You can also look for a tailor and spend one to two months making one. If you want to have a unique design, then you can find a fashion designer. It will take more than half a year to design and produce for you. There is no absolute proper method, only what is suitable for you. It is the same concept in interior design.

After the design period, the designer still needs to work with the contractor. In the next blog, I will tell you what the interior designer will do during the construction.

I am Angel, an interior designer. If you want more design information and service charges, please visit


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