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Location: Kowloon East (Private Residential)

Size: 560 SQ. FT.



It means "Pure, Simple".

BIL-2103-Living Room 04 (Small)_edited.j
BIL-2103-Kitchen 12 (Small).jpg
BIL-2103-Kitchen 11 (Small).jpg
BIL-2103-Kitchen 10 (Small)_edited.jpg
BIL-2103-Corridor 01 (Small)_edited_edit
BIL-2103-Kitchen 07 (Small)_edited.jpg
BIL-2103-Kitchen 01 (Small)_edited_edite
BIL-2103-Kitchen 06 (Small)_edited.jpg
BIL-2103-Kitchen 03 (Small)_edited.jpg
BIL-2103-Bathroom 03 (Small)_edited_edit
BIL-2103-Bathroom 01 (Small)_edited_edit
BIL-2103-Son's Room 06 (Small).jpg
BIL-2103-Son's Room 07 (Small).jpg
BIL-2103-Son's Room 02 (Small).jpg
BIL-2103-Son's Room 04 (Small).jpg


Marguerite is an ordinary flower, which means "simple and pure." We can find it easily. But, we found uniqueness in it. As same this project, it is a typical flat in HK. We used wooden strips, simple elements, to separate different areas. Clients requested to have a bright and airy living room. Thus, concealed doors are the perfect idea for this project. Let's see how many you can find in our photos.

BIL-2103-Mood Board 01 (Small)
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